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Welcome to Faith Church

Faith Church of Grayslake, 954 Brae Loch Road, Grayslake, Illinois 60030
Relationship Repair Kit Sermon Series

Relationships. Sometimes inspiring, sometimes draining, often challenging. Even the best relationships require repair work time. Join us at Faith Church for our series: “Relationship Repair Kit” to maintain healthy relationships with your friends and family.

June 7 When I Need Authentic Community

We crave the acceptance and support of community? How can we find it?

June 14 When I Am Getting Angry

We all get angry. How can we keep anger from hurting our relationships?

June 21 When My Child Rebels

How can we parent well when our child breaks our heart?

June 28 Special Guest Speaker: Pastor Mark Carter

July 5 When a Battle is Brewing

When other people's conflict threatens you, you can promote peace.

July 12 When I don't want to Forgive

How can we develop the desire to forgive when forgiving is hard?

July 19 When I'm Caught In Conflict

Conflicts are unavoidable. Conflict resolution is possible. Really.

July 26 When My Marriage Faces Danger

Every marriage faces 3 threats. God tells us how to beat them.

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